2020 VOGMA King  & Queen PAGEANT

Official Rules and Conditions:

The Voices of Gospel Music Awards is looking for the "Total Package" inside and out. 

Rule #1 - No experience is necessary "VOGMA 2020 King and Queen Pageant is not a beauty contest. If you sing, dance, rap or preach, we want to see it. All talents and non talents are welcomed. 

Rule #2 - Mandatory Entry Fee - A  non-refundable $25 Entry fee is required to enter. In order to to win overall, you will need to enter all optionals for the chance to win the ultimate title. All contestant must submit an entry application form with entry fee online or in person with a  VOGMA Board member.

Rule #3 - Contestant must wear clothing that is age appropriate. Please be cautious regarding clothing that show off to much cleavage and thighs. It will affect your scores.  The first outfit that contestants will wear is evening wear which can consist of  short or long gown for girls/women and boys/men may wear their Sunday's best. There will be a group line up for each age group. During the line up, each contestant will make their way to the center of the stage one at a time. All contestants will be required to introduce themselves. 


Rule#4 - Each contestant will also be required to fund raise, and whichever contestant both male and female raises the most money, will be crowned King & Queen for their respective age groups. 

Rule #5 - Contestants will also be awarded trophies for Beauty, Style, and etc. 

Rule#6 - The pageant will consist of a panel of judges. 

Rule #7 - Entry for the Pageant opens Feb. 15, 2020 and closes July 1, 2020. 




VOGMA recognizes, appreciate, and honor America best independent gospel artist, each year in Mobile, Alabama.



Mobile, Alabama



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