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2023 Nominations Eligibility

Eligibility Requirements for Music Artists

Online Awards Entry Period (November 30,,2022 - January 15, 2023)
Record companies, labels and artist managers may enter recordings and music videos released during the eligibility period. Music and Videos that are eligible for the 2023 VOGMA Music Awards must be released and published from March 1, 2021 to November 15, 2022.


***All Nominees Must Be Present To Win*** NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!!

Online Submission Process

Record Companies, Labels and Artists Managers may enter recordings and music videos online released during the eligibility period; Nomination submissions will only be accepted online. No phone or email entry will be accepted. 

The General Public may enter (1) nomination per category per person. Each of the general public nominations will be screened and voted on separately by the screening committee. The nominee with the most submission will get first consideration for ballot access. Only one nomination will accepted per person. 

Eligibility Package Submissions and Acceptance

Record companies, Labels, and or Artists Managers must submit two (1) CD’s for each artist entered and two (1) DVD for each artist submitted in the Music Video of the Year Category, along with the online nomination submission, dated by midnight on or before January 18, 2023 in order to complete the entry process and meet any and all deadlines.

Screening Process

A VOGMA Nominating committee will meet to insure that all entries meet the eligibility criteria, all entries are in the appropriate categories, and are appropriate for the Voices of Gospel Music Awards.  The Nominating Committee may encounter product submissions that raise questions about whether or not the product’s lyrics are appropriate for the Voices of Gospel Music Awards. The Nominating Committee reserves the right to remove the product from consideration if it is determined that the lyrics or genre are not appropriate.

Press Conference 

The nominees will be announced during a press/radio tour on date TBA.  Nominees will also be placed on the VOGMA website under “Nominees”.

Voting Process

The general public will be allowed to vote on all nominations and categories except that of the Lifetime Achievement Award; voting will be open daily and can vote unlimited times a day in all categories.  Official voting will begin on Feb 05, 2023– April 25, 2023 at 11:59pm.


Results from all voting will go directly to our Validation Team for validation.  The winners will be announced at the 2023 VOGMA main event.

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