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Three upper East Coast Choirs will be featured at the 6th Annual VOGMA Celebration

Mobile, Alabama - The Voices of Gospel Music Awards is gearing up for a celebration like no other in 2020. Three choirs from the upper east coast will be featured at the 6th Annual Music Awards in Mobile, Alabama.

Living Testimony CC

The Living Testimony Community Singers will finally make their appearance at the 6th Annual event, COVID pandemic alter the plans in 2020, the choir is lead by Bro. Terris Gamble a VOGMA award winner.

The JC Choir is a phenomenal church choir from Philadelphia. The choir is lead by Pastor James Scott, and their online social media videos has really brought light to their anointed singing. The JC Choir is also up for several VOGMA awards in 2021.

Pastor James Scott & The JC Choir

R. Timothy Haughton & Renewed of Virginia will make their first appearance at the Voices of Gospel Music Awards in September bringing there professional contemporary style to the Gulf Coast.

"We are so excited about this year line up, we are expecting to go even higher in 2021 with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ. As always we have straight church at the Voices of Gospel Music Awards, until we forget we are at a music awards." says CEO Elder Gary Johnson.

R. Timothy Haughton & Renewed

More artists will be announced soon including the headlining artist for the main awards show in Mobile, Alabama on Saturday, September 11, 2021. You can learn more and purchase tickets at

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