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Amazin Gospel Entertainment to serve as parent agency for Voices of Gospel Music Awards

Mobile, Alabama – The Voices of Gospel Music Awards will return for its 9th year, under a new management agency owned and operated by the current CEO and Founder.

After eight incredible years of service and production of the Voices of Gospel Music Awards show, music showcases, and other events, the show will return under the management of Amazin Gospel Entertainment. Amazin Gospel Entertainment was created to bring both Voices of Gospel Music Awards aka VOGMA and Gospel Sounds Radio Network under one management agency with a bold vision of providing more events, radio services, and more to the independent gospel music industry.

“Our goal is to become better and bigger, and help our independent gospel music industry grow, and get more recognized in our country and around the world, says CEO and Founder Pastor Gary Johnson.”

The Voices of Gospel Music Awards was founded in April of 2015 in Mobile, Alabama with a vision to recognize, honor, and appreciate independent gospel music artists. Over the past eight years, the awards show has proven to be a well-designed and welcoming event for independent gospel artists. The show has also generated interest and participation from across the world.

The CEO and Founder Pastor Gary Johnson has now created Amazin Gospel Entertainment a gospel music entertainment agency to take the lead role in producing a national and spiritual awards show, hosting a radio platform for gospel music, and continuing to produce more family and community engaging gospel events.

The change will take place beginning October 1, 2023. Fans may begin to see branding changes as soon as Monday, September 25, 2023.


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