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Nominations for 2021

Online Awards Entry Period

(November 20, 2020 - January 17, 2021)

The Voices of Gospel Music Awards take great pride in organizing, planning, and hosting the talented and spirit filled awards show in the independent gospel music industry. Therefore, we pride ourselves in our nominations, and those that seek to be recognized by the Voices of Gospel Music Awards.

Rules for Submission:

  • All parties making nominations for VOGMA, must have notified the artists, radio station, personality, media and etc. upon nominations.

  •  VOGMA encourages all nominees that submit a nomination, to be aware of the date of the events, and be able to attend and support the Voices of Gospel Music Awards. (All nominees must be present to win - no exceptions.)

  • VOGMA asks that you do not make nominations, knowing that you may have complications that would prevent you from attending or supporting the awards. This would leave open spaces for nominees that desire to be apart and make the ballot.

  • If you do not plan to support the awards or attend, VOGMA encourages you not to submit a nomination.

  • All nominees must agree to abide by the rules and requirements! Failure to abide by rules will result in your nomination being voided.

Only One Nomination Submission is required per nominee. 

If you do not plan on attending the VOGMA Awards, please do not submit a nomination. 

Nominations must be completed from a Desktop Computer!